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Licensing Program

The artwork of Ian Challis and David Roos established Running Rhino & Co. (a social stationery company founded by the two artists) as a leader in the independent gift and greeting card industry.  As word of success spread and visibility increased, the artists' work generated licensing inquiries from manufacturers in additional industries. 

We responded to the demand by establishing a distinct and separate licensing venture called Challis & Roos™ Licensing.  Through working with consultants, drafting a conscious business strategy, and launching focused marketing efforts, we created what has become one of the hottest art licensing properties ever to emerge from the stationery world. 

Experience has taught us the great value in strong, mutually supportive and collaborative licensing relationships, and we feel fortunate to have established many partnerships of this sort.  We continually support our licensing partners' sales efforts via focused in-house public relations, sales and marketing programs.

What is rare about the Challis & Roos™ property--and which that garners rave reviews from our long term licensees--is that the artists continue to explore and develop new styles, new directions and new media.  Ian and David never cease to amaze both our licensing partners and the many consumers who seek out their designs with the volume and diversity of artwork they create.

As a prospective licensee, you will be pleased to hear that marketplace feedback to the Challis & Roos™ license is phenomenal.  The success is both undeniable and measurable, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Carter Rennerfeldt
Director of Licensing